Greek Seasoned Tomato Vegetable Soup

It’s Yum Yum time, another recipe from Papa Bill’s minimal salt collection. As I do with pretty much all my recipes, today’s Greek Tomato Vegetable Soup will not have any extra salt added beyond what may be included with any of the ingredients. We follow this path due to our own health issues and the... Continue Reading →

Cooking Chat with Papa Bill

Here I will tackle what I see in the kitchen while cooking for myself, the family or others, including some insights to recipes, ingredients, cooking hardware and more. To kick this ‘Cooking Chat’ off, let me share for a moment. Papa Bill is just what it says, a Papa/Grandpa to nine wonderful grandkids ranging from... Continue Reading →

Italian Stuffed Chicken

This is a simple way to make your chicken taste like it came right out of an Italian kitchen while keeping the salt level at a bare minimum. We call it ‘Italian Stuffed Chicken’ and requires a grand total of three ingredients plus seasonings. Overall it may take 15-20 minutes maximum to prepare the dish... Continue Reading →

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