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Food Fun A-to-Z – ‘A’ for Animal Cracker/Cookies

Do you love food, all kinds of food?   Have you ever wanted to learn more about food?

I know I do and have to both those questions, so let’s combine them together and talk food in general and do it by going from A-to-Z.

‘A’ for today will be for Animal Crackers/Cookies.

We all know ‘animal cracker/cookies’ as they are the little ones shaped like an animal we would see at a zoo or circus like lions, tigers, bears, elephants or giraffes.  The most popular are the light-colored and slightly sweet ones although a darker/chocolate-flavored type is becoming very popular with the masses.

The ‘animal cracker/cookie’ goes back to the late 19th century when animal-shaped biscuits (British word for cookie) were brought to the United States from the United Kingdom.

Since 1902 a box of animal cracker/cookies have used 54 different animal shapes and currently each hand size box comes with 22 cracker/cookies in each box.  Among those 22 shapes you will find the current group which include the shapes of a bear, camel, crocodile, elephant, giraffe, monkey, horse, lion, seal, tiger and zebra.

Popular with infants for the being easy to handle and dissolvable, while their bite size stature makes them popular with all ages for their snack-ability, ‘animal cracker/cookies’ are selling at a pace of 40 million packages per year.

Snack-ability, sweetness and memories of childhood are the main reasons that for today, the “A” in food facts is represented by ‘animal cracker/cookies’.

Stay tuned for the next round of ‘Food Facts A-to-Z’.

As always – prayers, blessings and happy eating, Papa Bill

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(Information gathered for this article come from CrossDove Writer’s & Papa Bill’s collections of cookbooks and recipes.)

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