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Food Facts A-to-Z – ‘C’ for Cranberries

Do you love food, all kinds of food?   Have you ever wanted to learn more about food?

I know I can answer yes to both those questions, so let’s combine them together and talk food in general and do it by going from A-to-Z.

‘C’ for today will be for Cranberries.

Cranberries’ start out on low, creeping shrubs or vines and are initially white before becoming the common dark deep red in color.

While being a major commercial crop in both the United States and Canada, ‘Cranberries’ are very edible with an acidic taste that many times will overwhelm the sweetness of the berry itself.

Though they are edible as just a berry, ‘cranberries’ are more widely known and enjoyed from such processed items as cranberry juice, cranberry sauce, cranberry jam and of course sweetened dried cranberries.

Health wise many call ‘cranberries’ one of the “super-fruits” because they contain vitamin C, have dietary fiber, manganese and contain large antioxidant qualities.

‘Cranberries’ are highly recommended for those suffering from kidney stone and urinary health issues.

So, beyond the holiday dinner favorite of cranberry sauce, ‘cranberries’ carry so many natural, healthy reasons for keeping them on one’s regular diet.

Many, including this writer, will often throw a dozen cranberries into a smoothie where a person can get the health benefits without worrying about any taste.

Beyond the holiday favorite food, the health benefits alone make ‘cranberries’ the reason why they are a highly popular, which in turn makes ‘cranberries’ a solid pick for the ‘C’ in the food fun ride of ‘Foods A-to-Z’.

Stay tuned for the next round of ‘Food Facts A-to-Z’.

As always – prayers, blessings and happy eating, Papa Bill

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