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Food Facts A-to-Z – ‘E’ for Eggplant

Do you love food, all kinds of food?   Have you ever wanted to learn more about food?

I know I can answer yes to both those questions, so let’s combine them together and talk food in general and do it by going from A-to-Z.

‘E’ for today and that means ‘Eggplant’.

For those who love vegetables and are working on a weight loss or weight control diet, ‘eggplant’ can be a popular addition to the food regimen.

‘Eggplant’ was originally native of all areas around India and still is mostly cultivated in the far east regions.

When eaten raw, ‘eggplant’ is going to give a person a very bitter taste.

When the ‘eggplant’ is cooked, it will develop a very rich and complex flavor.

The entire ‘eggplant’ is edible including its soft seeds and thin skin.

‘Eggplant’ is popular because it is very low in fat, protein and carbohydrate content.

‘Eggplant’ is becoming more popular in the U.S. including such dishes as stuffed eggplant, eggplant pizza, eggplant salsa and more.

With the rich, complex flavor it can offer those watching their diet the ‘eggplant’ is deserving of the “E” in our “Food Facts A-to-Z”.

That my friend is also why we know our foods – so then we will know how to feed and care for our bodily machines.

With that we bid you well until another day when we look through foods from A-to-Z.

As always – prayers, blessings and happy eating, Papa Bill

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